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Waltly has been building titanium frames using only aerospace grade seamless 3Al Our frames are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Send us measurements and specifications from your preferred bike or a sketch of what you want. Use our frame price estimate form for fastest service. Your personal information will help us select the best tubing size and wall thickness to maximize your performance and comfort.

Botw weapon buffs

One YouTuber decided to see exactly what level of damage he could achieve by stacking the best weapons with the best attack buffs. Because of that, this axe is one of the best damaging weapons you can get in the game. The axe by itself does 75 damage, but adding the armor gets that number up to damage just from wearing the armor with a set bonus.

Chan ko blue books

Truth time: We judge books by their covers. Here are our favorites this month-plus the top voted cover by NetGalley members. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for book recs, interviews, and favorites from our editor.

This hologram machine creates the illusion of an airborne hologram. The hologram set can be installed and used extremely easily. The brightness and strong colors make it very visible even in light-filled environments. The amazing illusion is created by a high-speed spinning LED light bar, making the hardware structure virtually invisible, and a video floating effect.

C getline char array

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